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West Fork - Car Debris Removal


Along the West Fork of the Bitterroot River


Remove an orange Mustang from the River.


Trash build up in the river is a serious threat to the water quality and wildlife and takes away from the visitor experience as we visit and enjoy our River.

Project Description

  • Water Forum Volunteer and AV8 Helicopter Services helped remove a 2,000-pound orange Mustang from the River

  • The Mustang had been in the river for decades before its removal.


2019 - Present


BRWF, Rapp Family Foundation, and AV8-Orr Helicopter Services

"... Sure it's a fun story, but it doesn't belong in the river and if it can be removed we should remove it. It's a safety issue and a distraction from the natural beauty of the area," said Jenny West, a local outfitter.

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