Watershed Wellness

Roots Against Erosion project planned at Skalkaho Bend

The Bitterroot River is dynamic and its channel moves back and forth across its floodplain. Though channel migration is a natural process, human influence can impact the rate of migration.

Over the past 25 years, the Bitterroot River has been migrating eastward into the area of Skalkaho Bend Park.


The Bitter Root Water Forum is working with the City of Hamilton on a project to address the potential erosional loss of park land at Skalkaho Bend.

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Responsibly living near streams

Here in the Bitterroot we are lucky to have the beautiful river and its tributaries running through our valley.


With that abundance of streams crossing our valley, there are thousands of properties in the Bitterroot that are streamside or riverfront.

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Grateful for the Bitterroot

As we enter this holiday season and approach the end of 2020, it is a natural time to reflect upon the events of this passing year.

Not surprisingly, for many of us, 2020 is inextricably linked to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Irrigation is complex — even without delving into water rights — which will be covered in a future Watershed Wellness installment. This month, we’re diving into the irrigation water cycle in the Bitterroot, and where irrigation water comes from.

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Welcome to the first "Watershed Wellness" — a monthly installment from the Bitter Root Water Forum, bringing you the latest on watershed health and wellness, tips for living near streams, and more.

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