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Heather Mullee Barber awarded 2021 Watershed Stewardship Award

Our executive director, Heather Mullee Barber, has been selected as a recipient of the 2021 Watershed Stewardship Award from the Montana Watershed Coordination Council (MWCC)! The staff and board of directors at the Bitter Root Water Forum are incredibly proud of Heather, who has served as our executive director for 10 years now. You can read more about her award here.

If you have been a part of the Bitter Root Water Forum for a while you have seen many of Heather's accomplishments through the work of the Water Forum. Here are just a few: - growing the organization to three full-time staff and an AmeriCorps member to get more done for the Bitterroot

- helping create education opportunities like the Irrigation in the Bitterroot Tour

- contributing to the restoration of over 20 miles of stream!

The MWCC commented that they awarded her special recognition because her work has provided "direct benefits to the Bitterroot River and the communities that rely on it". Congratulations to Heather for this achievement!

Check out the media coverage:

Ravalli Republic -

Bitterroot Star -



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