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Water forum celebrates Earth Day with litter bag distribution

The Bitter Root Water Forum will be rolling out their Clean Up All Year program with the reusable litter bags on Wednesday, April 22, which is Earth Day.

The Bitter Root Water Forum (BRWF) is a community driven nonprofit organization that supports agriculture, community and recreation by protecting, enhancing and restoring the Bitterroot Watershed.

BRWF is encouraging folks to get out and clean up an area, while following social distancing practices to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, on Wednesday. Utilize the BRWF’s clean up bags or use your own trash bags and dispose of the trash at home or at another legal dump site.

Read the full Ravalli Republic Article here.

Fishing Access Sites with Bag Stands:

Hannon Memorial

Wally Crawford


Veteran's Bridge

Woodside Crossing

Tucker Crossing

Bell Crossing

Stevensville Bridge

Florence Bridge

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