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Bitter Root Water Forum helps demystify irrigation in the Bitterroot

Whether it’s wheel lines, hand lines, or a pivot system, irrigation is something that you can see happening daily in the Bitterroot. But if it’s not your day to day life you might have some questions about it.

That’s what the Bitter Root Water Forum was hoping to shed light on during their Irrigation in the Bitterroot tour on Wednesday.

About 20 community members, some who have been in the valley for years and others who are newcomers, boarded a bus in Hamilton Wednesday afternoon and headed up to Lake Como for their first stop. There Al Pernichele, Bitterroot Water Commissioner, gave a history of how water has been managed in the Bitterroot and discussed how water is dispersed throughout the valley. John Crowley, manager of the Bitter Root Irrigation District (BRID), gave participants an exclusive look into the inner workings of the Lake Como and discussed BRID’s role in water storage and distribution with “The Big Ditch.”

Read the full article in the Ravalli Republic or Bitterroot Star.

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