Join Our Watershed Enhancement Team!

This year BRWF is putting together a Watershed Enhancement Team (WET) to help with the maintenance and monitoring of previous stream bank restoration projects. This team will be a huge asset to BRWF's restoration work as it will allow us to better monitor growth, practice adaptive management, and keep our projects growing strong. Throughout the summer we will be out repairing browse protectors, watering plants, removing weeds, and adding willows.

Whether you're interested in getting some hands-on experience in the world of watershed restoration, getting involved with your community, or just want an excuse to get outside this summer then join our Watershed Enhancement Team (it is not mandatory that members attend every work event. Feel free to come as your schedule allows).

We encourage you to come to our orientation meeting on Thursday, June 9th 4:00 PM - 5:30PM (Food and beverages will be provided!) to learn more about the team and the restoration projects we will be involved with this summer.

Let us know that you're interested by emailing with your name, email, and phone number.

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