Bank Stabilization on Rye Creek



It was the spring of 2013 when an interested landowner first came into the BRWF offices looking for help with an eroding bank on his property on Rye Creek.  Exactly two years later, BRWF broke ground on a project that will reduce property loss and keep excessive sediment out of this impaired stream. 

The sediment issues in the Rye Creek drainage comes from a handful of sources

  • highly erosive soils

  • areas that were heavily logged

  • huge stretches of land that were intensively burned during the fires of 2000

Eroding stream banks lower in the watershed add yet more sediment during high flow.  These factors add up to entirely too much sediment falling from the hillsides, washing downstream, and ultimately winding up in the Bitterroot River.

"Instead of relying on large rocks for stabilization, we’re using woody debris, soils, willows, cobble from the banks, and biodegradable coconut fabric. These materials will provide roughness that will slow water to reduce bank erosion, promote plant growth and provide better riparian habitat for wildlife.” – Heather Barber

Nearly 35 volunteers gave a total of 300 hours to help cut willows, collect woody debris, make stakes, create soil lifts and plant riparian shrubs for these projects.