July 31, 2020

Last week Water Forum staff assisted in a study up the East Fork of the Bitterroot. The question is how beaver dams affect the movement of Bull trout in a stream.

Recently, restoration techniques mimicking beaver activity have grown in popularity. These techniques involve building a structure similar to a beaver dam, often called Beaver Dam Analog structures (BDAs).

June 11, 2020

Our Watershed Enhancement Team (WET) is getting ready to kickoff the 2020 field season!

WET is the volunteer group that helps maintain and monitor our various restoration projects throughout the Bitterroot Valley.

May 21, 2020

As students are wrapping up the school year by learning at home, our Earth Stewardship Program had to adjust as well. In years past, 7th grade students from Corvallis, Lone Rock, Victor, and Darby would join us for field trips in May.

This year, to bring components of the field trip to the students, we filmed community educators who would've had stations at the field trips at Bass Creek Recreational Area.

April 20, 2020

Our Clean Up All Year program is rolling out right on time for Earth Day. This year, stands with our reusable litter bags are at Fishing Access Sites throughout the Valley - getting bags in people's hands as soon as they head out to enjoy the river.

Celebrate Earth Day and get out on Wednesday, April 22nd to clean up.

April 9, 2020

Through this new and different time, the Bitter Root Water Forum is continuing to adapt our projects and programs to get work done for our river.


From our home offices, we are focusing on several restoration projects, connecting the community to environmental education, and building community around the river, while remaining distanced.


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