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We hope to see you at our Evening for the River to celebrate all that you have helped make possible for stewardship of water in the Bitterroot, and prepare for all that lies ahead.

Saturday, September 10 

from 4- 7 pm

along Sleeping Child Drive in Hamilton

Each ticket includes

- two spirits & refreshments - hardy appetizers - old and new friends - stellar views - compelling auction items - live music -

- special debut of the Water Forum's next big waves in conservation -

Tickets for this event have sold out. Please contact with questions. 

The Water Forum has been guiding Bitterroot residents and allies in protection of our watershed for nearly 30 years. With your enduring support for our shared vision of resilient water, land, wildlife, and community systems in the Bitterroot, our impacts in restoration, education, and community development have reached unprecedented levels. We are eager to continue these successes. And, we are ready to lead bigger, more impactful, and deeply collaborative water conservation projects to protect water and community across our Valley's vibrant ecological and cultural landscape.

We invite you to join us during this powerful moment of growth and evolution as we prepare for the next era of Water Forum success. 


As we approach our 30th anniversary, we are preparing to the oncoming challenges and opportunities during this next era of watershed protection in the Bitterroot. We know that our changing climate, increasingly limited water supply, and our growing community, means we must be thinking about our water resources and how to work together for the future of this place.

We know that we are ready to advance this mission.

Thank you for joining us in our Mission's past, present, and future. 

Please contact 406.375.2272 or with questions. 


Generous Event Sponsors

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