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East Fork - Lazy J Cross Ranch Restoration


Fifth generation family ranch on the East Fork of the Bitterroot River in the Sula Basin


Reduce hazardous/high water temperatures, reduce sediment pollution, and protect stream banks of the East Fork.


The East Fork is well known to face degradation such as high water temperatures, sediment pollution, and bank erosion. The Water Forum restored riparian habitat to help address these detriments.

Streamside Plants:

  • Form thick webs of roots that hold land together, reducing erosion and resulting sediment pollution

  • Improve water quality by filtering pollutants

  • Create shade to keep waters cool for thriving native fish and other aquatic life

  • Help refill our underground water supply

  • Provide important habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife

Project Description

  • Water Forum volunteers helped plant 410 feet of streambank with mature willow transplants, live willow stems, and hundreds of nursery plants in 2017

  • A riparian fence was installed to protect the newly planted riparian area and existing plants from browse.


2017 - Present


The Wetzsteon Family, Geum Environmental Consulting, Great Bear Native Plants, Full Moon Trails,  Skyline Fencing, Massa Home Center



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