Riparian Restoration on a Family Ranch

In the spring of 2017, the Water Forum broke ground on a restoration project along the East Fork of the Bitterroot River. The project restores a stretch of a fifth generation family ranch, upstream of five other East Fork restoration projects completed by the Water Forum along Hwy 93. The family has a long history in the Sula Basin and chose to honor their connection with the land by establishing a conservation easement in 2015; riparian restoration was the next step in their conservation legacy. 

Restoration work on this stretch of the East Fork includes re-vegetating 410 feet of streambank with mature willow transplants and live willow stems, installing hundreds of nursery plants, protecting existing plants from browse, and building riparian fencing to allow for uninhibited growth. These actions will help combat the unnaturally warm water temperatures throughout the East Fork and reduce sediment and nutrient pollution.

Want to help get this project on the ground?

Look for volunteer opportunities in July and September.