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East Fork of the Bitterroot - Revegetation 


East Fork of the Bitterroot River on HWY 93 near Sula, MT


Reduce sediment pollution and high water temperatures by revegetating a 5,000 foot section of riverside


The East Fork of the Bitterroot River has endured a long struggle with thermal pollution (high temperatures) and excess sedimentation that impairs a 5,000 foot river reach. Healthy riparian habitat can mitigate these challenges.

Native streamside plants:

  • Form thick webs of roots that hold land together, reducing erosion and resulting sediment pollution

  • Improve water quality by filtering pollutants

  • Create shade to keep waters cool for thriving native fish and other aquatic life

  • Help refill our underground water supply

  • Provide important habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife

Project Description

  • With the help of volunteers and Ravalli County Resource Advisory Council, we completed five separate projects to revegetate 5,000 feet of riverbank.

  • Across six years the entire bank side was revegetated with native plants such as Chokecherry, Redosier Dogwood, Black Cottonwood, Serviceberry, and Quaking Aspen.


2010 - 2016


Ravalli County Resource Advisory Council



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