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Edwards Road Bridge - Bank Stabilization + Revegetation


The banks of the East Fork of the Bitterroot River near Sula, MT.


Stabilize eroding stream banks, reduce sediment loading, and restore riverside vegetation for wildlife habitat, river shading, riverside cohesion, and aesthetics.

Project Description

In 2021, Ravalli County replaced the old Edwards Road Bridge that crosses the East Fork of the Bitterroot River and addressed bank erosion upstream. The BRWF secured funding for additional vegetation-based bank work on the south bank, on an eroding section that frequently floods the road and contributes sediment to the river. The project will also include livestock fencing and grazing management in the area surrounding the bank treatments and dispersed planting plots in the riparian area upstream. Project completion is expected in the Fall of 2023.


Riverside plants:​

  • Form thick webs of roots that hold land together, reducing erosion

  • Improve water quality by filtering pollutants

  • Create shade to keep waters cool for thriving native fish and other aquatic life

  • Help refill our underground water supply

  • Provide important habitat for fish, birds, and other wildlife


2021 - Present


Rocky Mountain Aggregates, Shining Mountain Ranch, Ravalli County

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