Burnt Fork 
Planting Days

Join the Water Forum for our willow cutting and planting days along North Burnt Fork Creek in Stevensville!

We'll be working on a private ranch to establish a healthy riparian area around the stream.

If you are interested in helping out on any of the planting days or want more information, please reach out to

WHEN: (10am-4pm) October 20th

WHERE: Stevensville (address upon RSVP)

WHAT TO BRING: a face mask, close-toed shoes, long work pants, lunch, water, & work gloves

The riparian area is the “green zone” of water-loving vegetation found along streams. Healthy streamside vegetation:

  • Reduces excessive erosion

  • Protects or improves water quality—buffers stream from pollutants

  • Shades the stream—reducing water temperatures

  • Slows water flows—replenishing groundwater

  • Provides habitat for fish and wildlife